1. Position section of the modules list.

After activating all necessary modules you need to assign them to correct positions. In PrestaShop admin panel from the top menu select Design > Positions. To place module in the required position just drag it to the position section of the modules list.

Module namePositionOrder
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayRightColumn 1
Contact information v3.1.0 displayRightColumn 2
Supplier List v1.0.3 displayRightColumn 3
Brand list v1.0.2 displayRightColumn 4
JX Mega Menu v1.7.7 displayLeftColumn 1
Faceted search v2.1.1 displayLeftColumn 2
Brand list v1.0.2 displayLeftColumn 3
Image slider v2.1.1 displayHome 1
Deal of the day v1.0.1 displayHome 2
Featured products v2.0.0 displayHome 3
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayHome 4
JX Category Products v2.0.1 displayHome 5
Specials block v1.0.1 displayHome 6
Top-sellers block v1.0.3 displayHome 7
New products v1.0.1 displayHome 8
JX Manufacturers Block v1.2.0 displayHome 9
Main menu v2.1.0 displayTop 1
Search bar v2.0.1 displayTop 2
JX Mega Menu v1.7.7 displayTop 3
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayTop 4
JX Search v1.3.0 displayTop 5
Contact information v3.1.0 displayTop 6
Social media follow links v2.0.0 displayTop 7
Image slider v2.1.1 displayTop 8
Customer account links v3.1.0 displayFooter 1
Contact information v3.1.0 displayFooter 2
E-mail subscription form v2.2.0 displayFooter 3
Social media follow links v2.0.0 displayFooter 4
Custom text v2.0.0 displayFooter 5
JX Compare Product v1.0.0 displayFooter 6
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayFooter 7
Link List v2.1.4 displayFooter 8
Category tree links v2.0.0 displayFooter 9
Image slider v2.1.1 displayTopColumn 1
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayTopColumn 2
JX Manufacturers Block v1.2.0 displayTopColumn 3
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayNav 1
JX Mega Menu v1.7.7 displayNav 2
Contact information v3.1.0 displayNav 3
Featured products v2.0.0 displayHomeTabContent 1
JX Mega Layout v1.3.2 displayHomeTabContent 2
Featured products v2.0.0 displayHomeTab 1
JX Mega Layout v1.3.2 displayHomeTab 2

2. Image types.

PictureWidth (px)Height (px)
cart_default 125 125
category_default 141 180
home_default 400 400
large_default 800 800
medium_default 452 452
small_default 100 100
stores_default 170 115

3. Pages info.

Page typeLayout
category layout-left-column
best-sales layout-left-column
new-products layout-left-column
prices-drop layout-left-column
contact layout-right-column