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Welcome to one of the biggest and the sweetest sweet stores all over the country! We launched our business back in 1998, and we grew from a local shop to a big store, which also delivers its products all over the country.  

We can promise you, that regardless of your age, you will enjoy being at this store. During last 18 years, we’ve been cherishing the sweet business, enlarging the selection, training our staff, widening our customer audience. We also did our best to make our website as welcoming as the real store. All the items which are in our shop, are presented at the online store. And even though being on the website doesn’t let you feel the aroma and taste the sweets yourself, it has a huge advantage. Even of you live in a different city and would like to buy the sweets which are available only at our store, we’ll gladly ship them to you!  All possible kinds of sweets are here: boiled sweet classics, bubblegums, chocolate bars, fizzy sherbet, jelly and gums, penny sweets, lollipops. Choose the ones you like!

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